Cava Felinae sold to... Gilles Dunon!

Cava Felinae sold to... Gilles Dunon!


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A nice story goes to the end for LJH and a new chapter begins for Cava Felinae Z and our friend Gilles Dunon: Gilles has in deed just repurchased "his" Cava!

Gilles Dunon bred Cava and was his only owner until 2016. Then LJH invested in this powerful mare, but Gilles himself went on schooling her - successfully, as the recent international victory in Opglabbeek proves! In the meantime an agreement has been found which allows Gilles to become Cava's owner again and to count on her for his sports career.

We would like to thank Gilles Dunon for the pleasant partnership and wish him a lot of success for the future with Cava!


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