Alibaba Z and Ceres Z with Charlotte Lutz

Alibaba Z and Ceres Z with Charlotte Lutz


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Two new horses have arrived in the stables of Charlotte Lutz recently: The 4 year old gelding Alibaba Z (main photo, Asca Z x Levisto Z) and the 6 year old mare Ceres Z (Comilfo Plus Z x Calato Z).

Alibaba Z comes from a dam line with many horses jumping on 1m50/60 level such as Carry Z (Judy Ann Melchior), Air Borne Z (Emanuel Andrade) or the stallions Robin Z (Thomas Velin) and Robin I Z ( Peter Eriksson). Alibaba has a great attitude and is very pleasant to ride!

Ceres Z comes from a less famous family, but she shines with her well balanced and very regular canter. She will make a perfect Equitation horse for America!


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